Project: Attack of the Monster Crabs

This image is a screengrab from Roger Corman’s film Attack of the Crab Monsters. No copyright infringement intended.

I am a senior at Goucher College and am minoring in theater. It was during a class with my Professor, Michael Dixon, that I began to fall in love with dramaturgy. Michael had received a grant to write/direct a project loosely based off of Roger Corman’s B-horror movie Attack of the Crab Monsters.

This is how I got involved: I am in a dramaturgical practicum class. All plays for that semester already have dramaturgs attached to them. I am a dramaturg without a play. I am sad. Then I remember watching Attack of the Crab Monsters in Michael Dixon’s playwriting class. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a project!

Attack of the Monster Crabs is an interesting project. We combine elements of dance, film, and theater to tell a story about, among other things: the degradation of the Chesapeake Bay, how crabs might feel about being eaten with hammers, how bizarre it would be if one day there wasn’t a single crab in the Chesapeake.

Our playwright is fantastic. As is everyone else involved. This is sure to be one of my best semesters thus far.


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