By the Bog of Cats

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since December 5th! Geez.

Well, the semester has just started, and that means that it is time to start rehearsals for both Attack of the Monster Crabs and By the Bog of Cats. Both shows are being dramaturged by yours truly!

This post is devoted to information about By the Bog of Cats. (You might have guessed as such based on the title of the post).

For those of you don’t know, Marina Carr’s play is loosely based on Euripides’s Medea. The play, like the Greek tragedy on which it is based, takes place all in one day. As a playwright, Marina Carr is in full command of the world she has created and yet she has given directors, actors, and the like enough freedom to make their own decisions. I love that, and I love seeing the production photos from previous productions, because it really shows how other people interpret the world of the bog in different, yet still interesting ways.

I have been involved with the production since late September of last year. Each year, the Goucher theater department has what is known as the “senior project”. The seniors spend the first semester reading the play, discussing it, and researching the different aspects of the play. In a way, each member of the senior class this year did a little bit of dramaturgy. So, since September we have been learning about the world of the Bog, and discovering the context of the world of the play.

I will post more about the world of the Bog later.

For those of you who would like to see the show, the dates are April 18-22, in the Mildred Dunnock Theater (located in the Meyerhoff performing arts building).


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